What is a life well-lived through learning?

In our previous episode we identified ambition as the driver for our tagline and ultimate goal: a life well-lived through learning.

In this episode, we unpack what we mean by a 'life well-lived through learning' and explain our goal through the idea of slow learning. We take our cue from slow movements in other fields – food, media – that help us all to lead a better quality of life by cherishing time and process, even when the going gets tough. 

We invite you to rethink what you understand by ‘enjoying’ learning. We encourage you to commit to continual, critical reflection on where you are as an individual, where you want to go and how you are going to get there through carefully planned steps.

As we head out together on our slow learning journey, we discuss how a focus on personal growth and health can not only create much-needed space and time to interrogate the bigger picture but, most importantly, help you enjoy the process whilst achieving personal growth. 

Finally, we share ways to overcome and reframe limiting beliefs with some personal examples thrown in – singing and language learning!

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Listen to the full episode here.

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