Smart Learning Clinic #2: Note Taking for Learning

We again take our cue from the smart learning community and reflect on another key challenge for many learners: how to best take notes to learn. 

Our entrance point to this expansive topic is reflecting on how taking notes for work – to remember what is said in meetings, for example – is a very different beast to taking notes for learning (Or is it?! But that is another podcast discussion!)

We explore the whys, whats and hows of ‘digital’ tools such as OneNote, Bookshelf and Notion, and ‘analogue’ tools, such as the trusty technology of pen and paper. 

We hone in on the need to engage in an active process of turning information into knowledge; the need to digest and assimilate ideas, to facilitate memory through discoverability and retrievability and to ensure we can move info around (‘portability’).

As we speed through this topic, we reflect on the danger of reverting to old habits from school, which might not be the most effective, and we sow the seed – tantalizingly, we hope! – of ‘slow learning’ as opposed to looking for quick solutions to cope with the information overload in our current digital world.

Listen to the full episode here.

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